From our beginnings in 1990 to the present day, we continue to give our best; The satisfaction of our customers.

Our company

Hierros Europa, S.L. was founded in Coín Town (Malaga) at the beginning of 1990. The corporate purpose was to design, manufacture and install projects manufactured from metal.  Nowadays we are a company specialized in transformation and deformation of steel.

The company was created to attend to the needs of the increasingly demanding market. Throughout the current economic crisis we have sustained a satisfactory level of business. We feel satisfied with the relationships that we have developed at all levels and states: with our clients, employees, suppliers, financial institutions, professionals, public administrations, etc.

Quality and Business Classification Certificate

Our main aim is to use the expertise and skills of our work force. We continue improving and growing step by step each year. As a work force we have a mixture of male and female workers of different nationalities. We promote equal opportunities in both sex and race. We are proud of ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer.

Since 1990

As a company we like to stand out our investment in modern industrial installations and facilities. We have invested into the business to ensure we have a high standard of technical equipment; continuing to invest, upgrade and improve our machinery and information technology.

Our responsibility as a society means that, at this moment, we are planning and implementing a System of Integrated Management. This will ensure the quality of our products as environmentally friendly products. We strongly believe that in everyday work we should take the environment into consideration.



  • Construcciones a realizar en tiempos reducidos de ejecución.
  • Construcciones en zonas muy congestionadas como centros urbanos o industriales en los que se prevean accesos y acopios dificultosos.
  • Edificios con probabilidad de crecimiento y cambios de función o de cargas.
  • Edificios en terrenos deficientes donde son previsibles asientos diferenciales apreciables; en estos casos se prefiere los entramados con nudos articulados.
  • Construcciones donde existen grandes espacios libres, por ejemplo: locales públicos, salones.

Patronicio 2016

HIERROS EUROPA A Patrocinado  el  Campeonato de España de Voley Playa en Reserva del Higuerón.


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